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Austin criminal defense attorney, Eric Lim, is available to help individuals who are being accused, investigated, or charged with crimes in the Greater Austin area (Travis and Williamson County). For a free legal consultation, please call (512) 686-6LIM (546), to schedule an appointment to visit with criminal defense lawyer Eric Lim.

Austin, Texas – Criminal Defense Attorney


Have you recently been arrested or charged with a crime? Are you nervous or unsure what to do? Eric Lim can help.

Eric Lim is an Austin criminal defense attorney who defends citizens against all sorts of crimes in Texas. As you know, being arrested can have a serious impact on your life. You may lose your job or even go to jail. It is important to choose the right attorney to represent you during this difficult time.

For a free consultation regarding your case, please call (512) 686-6546 or use the contact form on this site. Eric Lim's office is conveniently located in downtown Austin (near the courthouse to better serve you). Eric Lim promises to answer your questions and guide you through this difficult time. Start protecting yourself now.


As a criminal defense attorney, Eric Lim is passionately committed to defending the rights of every client. He understands the overwhelming stress, fear, and uncertainty associated with an arrest and criminal charge. Eric Lim's goal is to eliminate this anxiety by communicating with you, fully explaining the legal process in understandable terms, and implementing his experience in the courtroom. Eric Lim will provide a level of dedication, professionalism, and representation to every client in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Eric Lim, Austin Criminal Defense Attorney, is a native Texan who fully understands the State of Texas and the complexities of its legal system. In every case, he draws upon his knowledge and experience to help navigate you through the case from start to finish. When you hire Eric Lim, he will be accessible, dependable, and keep you updated on your case at all times. His goal is to provide quality representation and the best legal defense possible.

Eric Lim is dedicated to protecting and vindicating your rights in any type of criminal matter. His office focuses primarily on DWI & DUI offenses, as well as misdemeanor and felony crimes. In these cases, Eric Lim immediately devises and implements an aggressive defense strategy in hopes of achieving a successful result for his client. Eric Lim is fully committed to his clients’ needs and dedicated to ensuring that justice is always served.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

  • 10. What percentage of your practice is devoted to criminal law?
  • 9. Do you handle matters other than criminal cases?  For example: Wills, Personal Injury, Tax, Divorce/Child custody cases.
  • 8. Do you take court appointments from the Judge on my case?  If you do, do you think that you can aggressively defend me in front of that Judge and not worry about the consequences?
  • 7. Are you committed to seeing my case through trial, if necessary?
  • 6. What experience do you have defending criminal cases?  Do you often meet your client's expectations?
  • 5. What do your clients say about you?  Do your criminal defense clients recommend you to their friends, family and to other clients?
  • 4. How often do you set cases for trial?
  • 3. How many criminal cases have you tried to a jury?  How many felony cases have you tried?  How many misdemeanor cases have you tried?
  • 2. Have you ever worked as a prosecutor?  How do you feel like that experience contributes to defending the same types of cases that you prosecuted?
  • 1. How many active cases are you working on right now?  Do you feel like you will have enough time for my case?

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Call (512) 686-6546 for a FREE consultation!