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Most people have never hired a criminal defense attorney. In many cases, hiring the right criminal defense attorney is the biggest decision they will make in their lifetime.  Not only does the attorney represent the client on the criminal matter, but the client’s criminal record can be affected depending on the outcome of the case.

What is a criminal record?

Criminal records are formal records containing personal information about individuals who have found their way into the criminal justice system.  They are public: anyone can read them.  These records can follow someone for years–impacting the ability to get a job, to get a loan, sign a lease for an apartment, to become professionally licensed, and other negative consequences.  Today, for example, many criminal records can be read online at the website for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or the Texas Department of Public Safety.

A criminal record for as little as possession of marijuana or driving while intoxicated, Class B misdemeanors, can damage one’s ability to get a job or even rent an apartment. Experienced criminal defense attorney, Eric Lim, understands the power of a criminal record in today’s society.  Eric Lim does not just defend his client’s case; he also knows to protect his client’s reputation and criminal record.

Eric Lim’s Top 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer:

Many lawyers will take a criminal case here and there, but Eric Lim is dedicated exclusively to defending clients in Texas, in either federal or state court. We urge anyone indicted, charged with, arrested for, or investigated by law enforcement, in a Texas Federal or State Court, to carefully choose their criminal attorney.

Therefore, Eric Lim has put together a top ten list of questions that prospective clients should ask prospective criminal defense attorneys.

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