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Attorney Fees

How Much Will A Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost?

Everyone has heard the saying, “Good enough never is.”  When it comes to your freedom and your reputation, “good enough” should not be an option.  Your freedom and your life as you know it – as well as the lives of your loved ones – are all on the line.

When you hire a lawyer in a criminal matter, you should not be making decisions that could impact you for the rest of your life based upon financial considerations. Financial arrangements can be made; your focus needs to be on defending yourself to the best of your abilities.

Then again, a criminal defense client should never have to pay extra for a good investigation of their case and a thorough preparation and presentation of all the issues you need to consider.  A dedicated criminal defense attorney will do these things simply because it’s part of providing their clients with a solid criminal defense.  They’ll work on your defense with you because they have a passion for the job.

Criminal defense attorney Eric Lim is committed to representing criminal defendants

Whether it’s a plea bargain, a jury trial, or grand jury case, Eric Lim has the experience and resources to properly handle your case. Criminal lawyer Eric Lim is a respected Austin criminal defense attorney.

What Does Eric Lim Charge as Attorney Fees?

For all criminal matters, Austin criminal defense attorney, Eric Lim, generally charges a flat fee to handle the case up until jury trial.  Many criminal defense attorneys will attempt to “nickel and dime” their clients by charging for various “extras;” Eric Lim will not do this.  Although every client has the option of limiting the scope of their attorney’s representation, Eric Lim does not recommend this practice.

For discussions on what that flat fee might be for an individual case, it is best to meet with criminal defense attorney, Eric Lim to discuss your options.

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