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It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Criminal Defense Strategy

If you or a loved one are facing criminal investigation, arrest, trial, sentencing, or jail time in a Texas state or federal court, then you need an aggressive criminal defense plan.  It is never too early to plan a criminal defense.

Having a defense plan includes having a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced and dedicated to seeking justice for people who are charged with a crime.  Good criminal defense attorneys care about their clients and what happens to their clients’ families if there is a conviction.

Whether you’ve been accused of drunk driving (DUI, DWI), a crime of violence (assault, robbery, rape, sexual assault, murder), theft (theft, theft by check) or any sort of drug crime (possession, intent to distribute, or intent to manufacture of prescription drugs or street drugs like heroin, crystal meth (methamphetamine), crack cocaine, ice, marijuana, or other controlled substances), a sex crime (rape, prostitution, public lewdness), or any other kind of felony or misdemeanor, you need a good criminal defense lawyer at your side.

Who is Eric Lim?

Over the years, Austin criminal defense lawyer, Eric Lim, has tried many criminal jury trials in Austin, Texas.  He has experience working both as criminal defense attorney and as a firm attorney.  With an outstanding education graduating Magna Cum Laude from The University of Texas McCombs School of Business and holding a Juris Doctor from The University of Texas School of Law, Eric Lim has the knowledge to protect your rights.

In fact, Eric Lim’s past experience at Hewlett Packard, The International Law Firm of Fulbright & Jaworski, and Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart gives him a breadth of experience to handle Austin criminal defense cases.

Eric Lim has dedicated his career to representing clients who have been accused, investigated, or charged with state or federal crimes.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Eric Lim

As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Lim defends clients across Texas charged with various federal and state crimes, such as drunk driving (DWI/DUI), felony assault, misdemeanor assault, wire and mail fraud (RICO), money laundering, structuring and tax evasion. His criminal defense practice also helps those charged with sex crimes, including sexual assault, criminal solicitation, possession and distribution of child pornography, indecency with a child, indecent exposure and public lewdness.

Criminal defense lawyer, Eric Lim, defends people facing drug charges in all parts of Texas, based on state or federal drug laws against heroin, crystal meth (methamphetamine), cocaine, marijuana, or other controlled substances, with drug crimes involving drug trafficking, drug sales, drug possession, cultivation (growing) of marijuana, maintaining a house where drugs are sold, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, possession with intent to deliver, delivery and manufacturing charges.

Mr. Lim also helps clear up past criminal records (expungement/non-disclosure). Expungement is a legal method to eliminate a person’s past criminal history and criminal record. Sometimes, it means that the criminal record is destroyed and forever erased. To help people with troublesome criminal records, Eric Lim has started free informational seminars across Austin to help educate people about their rights and options.

Choosing the Best Criminal Lawyer for Your Case

Anyone facing an allegation that they have violated state or federal criminal law needs a strong and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney they can respect and trust. Money, jail time, and even someone’s life may be on the line and a criminal lawyer has to be trusted to fight hard for his client’s best interests.

Eric Lim has dedicated his life to helping people who are facing criminal authorities in arrests, allegations, investigations, trials, or appeals. Mr. Lim wants what is best for each client, and works hard to find a resolution that will most likely help his client to erase the past and begin a new future. Time and again, Eric Lim has gained dismissals, acquittals and reductions for his clients.

Before deciding on the right criminal defense lawyer for your case, you should talk with the attorney and get a feel for how you will work together. There’s no bond like that between a criminal defense lawyer and his client, and deciding who to hire as your criminal defense attorney may be the most important decision of your life.

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